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There are many options when it comes to mounting and installing your signs. Sign Components will go through these options including posts, finials, bases and added features such as trash enclosures, ball washer brackets and spike cleaners.

Aluminum Components are most commonly used to mount cast bronze, cast aluminum and Natural Stone signs. All of our aluminum post units are welded as one piece and coated with a super durable polyester powder coating. We have many standard colors and have the capabilities to produce different textures and even mimic the look of wood.

Standard post options are 3” round and 3” square. Smaller and larger sizes are also available. Most of our finials fit our standard posts. Finial options are limited for different sized posts. Fluted posts are also available.

Sign mounting options include face mount, side mount, flush side mount, yardarm mount and pedestal mount.

We currently have 5 decorative base options all fitting a 3” round post. Please call for availability of decorative base options on non standard size posts.

We have nine finial options available. Six options for 3” round posts and three options for 3” square posts. Other finial options are available for non standard parts.

All of our standard finials and decorative bases are cast using an aluminum/magnesium 535 ingot. ALMAG is extremely durable and classified as a marine grade metal. This makes it able to stand up under the harshest marine environment.

Additional aluminum components include trash enclosures in numerous sizes, ball washer brackets and spike brush holders. All can be welded or attached with stainless steel hardware.

HDPE lumber posts are most commonly used to mount HDPE and CHPL signs. Our posts are all reinforced with fiberglass giving them a grade of structural lumber. What this means for you is having a post that will not bend/warp like 100% recycled plastic posts tend to do. Color options are numerous and included in the photo gallery. Aluminum and recycled plastic components can also be attached to our HDPE posts using stainless steel hardware.

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