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If you’re looking for durability, our custom high pressure laminate (CHPL) is the easy choice. CHPL material offers a wonderful, cost-effective solution for your outdoor/indoor signage needs. Panels can be cut into nearly any conceivable shape and provide a broad range of configurations. We also offer a one-piece double-faced custom high pressure laminate sign with graphics.

Our CHPL signs come in three finishes.

  • SATIN: A smooth finish, reproducing a medium sheen surface. Recommended primarily for interior signs.
  • MATTE: This Fine Grain premium finish features, a subtle, narrow grain structure and low glare surface suitable for outdoor use.
  • ICE: A very finely stippled texture that minimizes smudges and fingerprints and improves scratch resistance.

Our CHPL signs are impervious to moisture, thermally stable, scratch resistant, fade resistant and graffiti resistant.

CHPL signs are suitable for use in golf courses, museums, zoos, parks and wildlife parks, municipal applications, hiking trails, parking garages, branded environments, swimming pool areas, murals, and many more limitless possibilities.

All of our material supplies come from renewable or recycled resources and we are committed to using recycled content in all of our products.

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