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Have you ever looked at your maintenance or outside services staff and wondered how you could put them all in the same shirt or uniform and do it without breaking the budget? Golf shops are filled with clothing from companies selling moderately to high priced products. Part of what you are paying for is a “name brand”. Your customers demand it and will pay for it. Unfortunately the costs can make it difficult to use these same name brands for your maintenance and outside services staff. National Golf Graphics sells clothing without the name brand but with comparable quality and at an extremely attractive price.

We try to keep it simple and offer a small amount of items but with our vendors are able to allow you access to 100’s of products. Polo shirts are by far our number one seller. 100% polyester fabric seems to be the trend these days. Other items may include caps, stocking caps, mechanic shirts and pullovers. All of our items can be embroidered. Embroidery pricing is based on quantity and number of stitches in your logo. Our normal turnaround time is 2-3 weeks.

We do not have minimums but your embroidery pricing will go down as the quantity goes up. Proofs and sew outs of your logo can be provided at no extra charge.

An average shirt order is 50 pieces and most logos are less than 6,000 stitches. Your cost for a basic solid color shirt(K540) would be $11.50 each plus shipping.

Samples are available and will be sent for sizing purposes if needed.

Please call for more details, pricing and links to all of our clothing products.

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