HDPE tee markers can be manufactured from lumber profiles or sheet material. The most common lumber profile used is 4”x4” posts. We cut them into different shapes and either use different color material for each tee or incorporate vinyl to indicate the color of the tee. These markers are generally sold without a logo and can be very economical.

Another option is using our sheet material and routing your logo into the sides of your marker. They are generally created as a two sided marker with either a stainless steel spike(s) or the spike is integral to the marker. This form of tee marker can be cut in different thicknesses and in whatever shape you desire.

HDPE is extremely durable and easy to maintain. A periodic cleaning with a vinegar/water solution will take care of most hard water stains.

Options using 4”x4” lumber include our Classic Bevel Top marker with a vinyl tee indicator stripe, a cube and a diamond face.

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