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Water Jet Aluminum tee markers are cut from aluminum sheet and powder coated in an array of colors. The markers are cut with great precision allowing us to create very unique markers at an affordable cost. The markers are very light weight and easy to move. They are a fantastic choice for custom tournament or sponsor markers that are only used once a year or need to be taken or shipped from tournament site to tournament site. There are some limitations in making these tee markers and every effort will be made to come up with a workable design that is both acceptable to our customer and also maintains the durability that is needed for any tee marker.

Size and detail of the marker along with any custom finish will determine the cost of the tee marker.

Cleaning the markers periodically with a vinegar/water solution will aid in the life of the powder coat. Using nonabrasive cleaners and cloths is very important when cleaning.

Emailing us a file of your club logo or event logo is the best way to go about determining a price and creating a rendering.


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