High Density Polyethylene is a plastic material that comes in sheets and also lumber profiles. It’s extremely durable, vandal resistant, comes in many colors and has numerous uses. One of them is yardage markers.

The simplest application of this material is a 4”x4” yardage post for your fairway marker(s). The yardage is engraved and poured with a colored impregnated resin material. Other applications require the use of sheet material. Standard thicknesses are ½” and ¾” depending on the overall size and use. We can cut the material to sizes similar to other material and route in your desired information. The pieces can be used in A-Frames for your golf range or tee boxes on Par 3’s. Markers can also be created for your tees or fairways.

Signs and markers are cut to your desired size and logos can also be included.

This material can be used throughout your course including tee and directional signs and also tee markers.

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